Mar 3, 2016

Lucky to be a Teacher TPT Giveaway

Let's celebrate how lucky we are to be teachers! It's not easy, it's not glamorous, but it is rewarding. We are able to find ways to guide our little learners. To show them how fun it is to learn. We do it for the moments that our children shine, when they are bursting at the seams with joy because they just get it. It's a job, and we take pride in it.

I always feel lucky to be a teacher when I am inspired to create curriculum that I know my kiddos will enjoy, its a bonus. After a day of struggling with a given subject we are able to think how else to teach it. For the most part, we get through to them. That, is what's it is all about. We smile, and they know they are they are on the right track, they move forward as a result of you. So pat yourself on the back, you are lucky to be a teacher.

Here is a fun and simple writing activity for your little ones in grades K to 3. It includes two writing activities. Download this St Patrick's Day Craft Freebie from my Teacher's Pay Teacher's store.

Download this from my TPT StoreFree St. Patrick's Day Writing Activity 
Let's celebrate being a teacher with a Teachers Pay Teacher authors Giveaway Hosted by Countless Smart Cookies.  You can view the other 4 giveaway packs here.

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