Aug 21, 2016

First Grade Math Bundle

Summer is coming to an end, and its almost time to start our lessons again. I have been putting together math cut and glue workbooks that go with a math interactive notebook for first graders. I have to say I love them. They are perfect for morning routines that can be done independently. Or use the interactive notebook as warm up for starting new lessons and the worksheets for homework or as an assessment. They would also would be ideal for students who are in a tutoring class.

Each page in the workbook has a single concept. Above you see a worksheet with twelve frames. It asks students to add within 12 and to use two colors to show the addends. Then to solve the equation by cutting and gluing the sum.

The matching interactive notebook page begins with an I can statement single flap that has a cut and glue tear answers. These are the student warm ups. It says I can add within 12. Students should complete the warm up as a group or in pairs. The bottom part is to be completed independently. Students can color images if desired and if there is time available for it.

Count, glue, and write worksheets asks students to count the amount shown, glue the amount, and to write it. Plenty of space for students to write and spell the numbers if you choose to do so. Also to point out each worksheets in these workbooks also asks students to circle what day the week it is. I include it because by the end of the week our papers are not always in order. I want them to be able to study from them and to keep their papers in order. They are able to match them by date and days of the week.  

You will see included two additional warm up flip flaps. Students can layer these as shown above in the I can count, glue, and write interactive notebook. 

Counting within 100, students are asked to count on from the given number. They will cut and glue the next three numbers. These pages look great on colored paper. Although white copy paper is ideal for students for enjoy coloring on their worksheets. It depends on your paper preference. Let's face it I know you have at least one giant stack somewhere! Yes, me too. Who doesn't love a paper sale?

I sometime pre-glue my students interactive notebooks as shown in the I can count on interactive notebook entry. It depends on the time we going to have that day. When I do that, I do not glue the whole piece to the notebook. I glue about 75 percent of it. I leave enough room for my students to cut off the answer parts. Then they glue the rest of it to the page. 

When you see your interactive notebook before you assemble it as shown above in image I can write the number that comes next there are four mini tabs. I didn't like all that wasted space that was there so I added them, and they perfect to use as spiral review, assessments, group work, and centers. There is little paper waste with this product, ideal for early learners, and less mess.

Collect all the mini flip flaps and add them to the notebook. You can also mix and match using the warm ups and mini flip flaps. Or use the four on a single page opposite of the interactive notebook entry. 

Use the additional flip flaps (warm ups) as review, assessment or homework. Collect them all and mix them up or include them with the mini flip flaps.

Read then cut and glue the number.

Using a number line within 100.

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Jun 1, 2016

Birthday Blog Hop with TPT Giveaway

Celebrate with me friends, its my birthday! A bunch of my blogging TPT buddies are joining me for a virtual pool party. If you partied with us last year you know its a week full event. If you are joining in for the first time this year, welcome and thanks for joining us. 

Use the #poolpartyhop to find us on Instagram and Twitter.

This summer blog hop is filled with summer ideas to keep your little ones entertained, our favorite recipes, and free products that will definitely help start your summer off right. Below you will also find an ebook of all the sponsors that are in the giveaways. Yes, that's right giveaways. Hooray! There are 4 prize packs of summer awesomeness. 

Let's dive into folks!

We spend a day at zoo last week. It was great to see my little ones name animals and add information to their animal logs. Pictured below is a bald eagle. If you need something to do this summer don't forget to check out the things you can for free. Our local zoo has a free admission day. We plan on going back soon and the kids are working on what animals they want to see using the zoo map we have. You can grab three free zoo animal facts pages below for your students.

Enjoy this special summer freebie. You will find three 
animals at the zoo to write about with your little ones.


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Apr 29, 2016

Summer Math Review Grade K-1

Only 6 weeks left till summer vacation. But who is counting right? I know my little ones are looking forward to go to the beach. To take with us, I have created these booklets for the upcoming 10 weeks of summer. All summer review booklets can be used Monday to Friday. They are half pages, easy, quick, review for kindergarten and first graders. I like that these booklets are cut and paste with a very little pencil work. It gives students a chance to focus on the concept without focusing on the writing/ penmanship.

Booklets can be added to your busy bags to take anywhere, the park, beaches, or eating out in restaurants. Bring scissors, glue, and crayons and work through the booklets. This is how I will be using these booklets. One way to encourage little ones to study.

Another way to use these booklets is to add them to your interactive notebook. Keeping them from getting lost and neatly organized.

If you'd prefer to not use weekly booklets, you also have the option of creating your own booklet in the order you desire. Both ways are included in this product.

Concepts you will find in this product:

Add to find the sum
Add or subtract
Subtract to find the difference
Count on
Count backwards
Numbers before and after
Add the pennies
Add the nickels
Odd or even
Find the patter
Name the number
Trace and color the number
Missing number
Missing part of an equation
True or false equations

Since its Friday, (we all love Friday right?) here is a free product sample. Try a week of math review for your little ones. You can only find this freebie at The Education Highway! 

Download your free copy of Summer Math Review

Find summer math review at my TPT store.

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Mar 13, 2016

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day Ideas with Freebies

Time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Today I wanted to share a few ideas and freebies. 

Here is list of ideas that will get you started for your St. Patrick's day lessons. Check out my Spring Teaching Ideas board on Pinterest to see some of the things we will be trying. Can't wait to try glitter homemade plah-doh.

- leprechaun traps (stem challenges) 
- rainbows (fruit loop cereal, skittles) 
- Ireland (history reports) 
- scavenger hunts
- green homemade play-doh
- colors

The following products can be found in my Teachers Pay Teacher's Store

Sound it Out Cut and Paste Printables for Beginning Sounds
I had a lot of fun creating this product. It can be used for morning work, early finishers, or homework. Depending on the time frame you have it can be used for a week or two. It has four parts.

Part 1 is the morning work. Students are asked to fill in the missing letter and pictures. What does it begin with? What begins with letter? Read the sentence, then match the picture. 

Part 2 are the picture word cards. All picture word cards match the morning work images. They can be colored and laminated if desired. 

Part 3 is what I have used as a quick review and assessment. Students can cut and paste the beginning sound without using any of the cards. Or it can used for extra practice. 

Part 4 are clip it cards for beginning sounds. All pictures are found on the cards provided.

*Note, everything in this product are black ink.

If you are looking for a way to practice sight words, I created this interactive notebook for the month of March. It includes 4 lists with nine words each, three printables for each list, morning work, unscramble the words, read the sentence, color the picture.

list 1: at can cat back dad am bat mad ran
list 2: six in wig it did mix sit pin fix
list 3: hot hop pot pop ox lock mop got rock
list 4: sit bug paw win fit coat rug boat hit

Leprechaun Math Fun
These math printables can be used as review packet or for early finishers. They include the following attainments:

Writing a 3 digit number
Double digit addition
Triple digit addition/subtraction cut and paste worksheets
Expand the number
Read and write the number
Is the equation true
Order the numbers from least to greatest
Comparing triple digit numbers
Write the fraction
Read the amount of coins, add, and write the amount given
Single digit multiplication

Print and go with this pack of math and literacy. Over one hundred pages of engaging work for students in grades 2-3. The attainment included are:

Language Arts:
*Morning Work
(Sentence Fix, Homophones, ABC Order, Vowels, Definitions)
*Recognize short vowels O and U
*Recognize long vowels O and U
*Using is or are
*Fill in sentences
*Synonyms for shorts vowels O and U
*Roll, Read, Color
*Roll, Read, Write
*ABC order literacy center
*Homophone matching cards literacy center
*Story elements
*Journal prompts
*Original Acrostic poems
*Original story read, answer questions

*Morning work review of 11 concepts
*Adding triple digits plus double digits with regrouping
*Subtracting triple digits minus double digits no borrowing
*Multiply single digits
*Put number is order least to greatest cards with recording sheet
*Read numbers to 1,000 cards with recording sheet

Trapped: A Leprechaun Tale
It is an acrostic poem about a leprechaun who is plotting how to escape. Students can create their own poem after reading and answering questions about the poem. 

Leprechaun Writing Activities
Use this writing activity as a bulletin board display that asks student to explain why they feel lucky. Included also is another writing assignment that asks students to describe how to trap a leprechaun.


Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!