Mar 13, 2016

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day Ideas with Freebies

Time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Today I wanted to share a few ideas and freebies. 

Here is list of ideas that will get you started for your St. Patrick's day lessons. Check out my Spring Teaching Ideas board on Pinterest to see some of the things we will be trying. Can't wait to try glitter homemade plah-doh.

- leprechaun traps (stem challenges) 
- rainbows (fruit loop cereal, skittles) 
- Ireland (history reports) 
- scavenger hunts
- green homemade play-doh
- colors

The following products can be found in my Teachers Pay Teacher's Store

Sound it Out Cut and Paste Printables for Beginning Sounds
I had a lot of fun creating this product. It can be used for morning work, early finishers, or homework. Depending on the time frame you have it can be used for a week or two. It has four parts.

Part 1 is the morning work. Students are asked to fill in the missing letter and pictures. What does it begin with? What begins with letter? Read the sentence, then match the picture. 

Part 2 are the picture word cards. All picture word cards match the morning work images. They can be colored and laminated if desired. 

Part 3 is what I have used as a quick review and assessment. Students can cut and paste the beginning sound without using any of the cards. Or it can used for extra practice. 

Part 4 are clip it cards for beginning sounds. All pictures are found on the cards provided.

*Note, everything in this product are black ink.

If you are looking for a way to practice sight words, I created this interactive notebook for the month of March. It includes 4 lists with nine words each, three printables for each list, morning work, unscramble the words, read the sentence, color the picture.

list 1: at can cat back dad am bat mad ran
list 2: six in wig it did mix sit pin fix
list 3: hot hop pot pop ox lock mop got rock
list 4: sit bug paw win fit coat rug boat hit

Leprechaun Math Fun
These math printables can be used as review packet or for early finishers. They include the following attainments:

Writing a 3 digit number
Double digit addition
Triple digit addition/subtraction cut and paste worksheets
Expand the number
Read and write the number
Is the equation true
Order the numbers from least to greatest
Comparing triple digit numbers
Write the fraction
Read the amount of coins, add, and write the amount given
Single digit multiplication

Print and go with this pack of math and literacy. Over one hundred pages of engaging work for students in grades 2-3. The attainment included are:

Language Arts:
*Morning Work
(Sentence Fix, Homophones, ABC Order, Vowels, Definitions)
*Recognize short vowels O and U
*Recognize long vowels O and U
*Using is or are
*Fill in sentences
*Synonyms for shorts vowels O and U
*Roll, Read, Color
*Roll, Read, Write
*ABC order literacy center
*Homophone matching cards literacy center
*Story elements
*Journal prompts
*Original Acrostic poems
*Original story read, answer questions

*Morning work review of 11 concepts
*Adding triple digits plus double digits with regrouping
*Subtracting triple digits minus double digits no borrowing
*Multiply single digits
*Put number is order least to greatest cards with recording sheet
*Read numbers to 1,000 cards with recording sheet

Trapped: A Leprechaun Tale
It is an acrostic poem about a leprechaun who is plotting how to escape. Students can create their own poem after reading and answering questions about the poem. 

Leprechaun Writing Activities
Use this writing activity as a bulletin board display that asks student to explain why they feel lucky. Included also is another writing assignment that asks students to describe how to trap a leprechaun.


Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Mar 11, 2016

Springing into Learning Blog Hop

Spring is here! Well, maybe not yet officially.The weather has been beautiful the last few days. Say good-bye to winter, hooray! Today, we are Springing into Learning. This is a blog hop hosted by Elementary Antics, together with 40 other bloggers we are sharing ideas and freebies for spring. Grab a cup of coffee, and make sure you hop around to collect all the ideas and free items just for you. 

With Easter right around the corner, our first spring time animal are rabbits. Some of you may have rabbits as classroom pets or you hear of students finding rabbit holes with little bunnies. Once you find it, the mother rabbit usually moves the babies so it's best to leave them be. I have created a free product about rabbits, you can download it from my Teachers Pay Teacher's store. Included is an interactive notebook asking students to write what they have learned about rabbits. It includes a rabbit reading passage, and project for your bulletin board, its a flip flap writing activity with a blank cover, it can go along with any story or writing prompt you choose. 

Mar 3, 2016

Lucky to be a Teacher TPT Giveaway

Let's celebrate how lucky we are to be teachers! It's not easy, it's not glamorous, but it is rewarding. We are able to find ways to guide our little learners. To show them how fun it is to learn. We do it for the moments that our children shine, when they are bursting at the seams with joy because they just get it. It's a job, and we take pride in it.

I always feel lucky to be a teacher when I am inspired to create curriculum that I know my kiddos will enjoy, its a bonus. After a day of struggling with a given subject we are able to think how else to teach it. For the most part, we get through to them. That, is what's it is all about. We smile, and they know they are they are on the right track, they move forward as a result of you. So pat yourself on the back, you are lucky to be a teacher.

Here is a fun and simple writing activity for your little ones in grades K to 3. It includes two writing activities. Download this St Patrick's Day Craft Freebie from my Teacher's Pay Teacher's store.

Download this from my TPT StoreFree St. Patrick's Day Writing Activity 
Let's celebrate being a teacher with a Teachers Pay Teacher authors Giveaway Hosted by Countless Smart Cookies.  You can view the other 4 giveaway packs here.