Jun 14, 2015

Holiday and Seasonal Product Giveaway

Its the third week of Teaching in the Net month long Birthday Blow out Celebration. If you are just now joining us, you will be blown away at the selection of prizes you can win this week. With one more week to go it is an event to not to be missed. Let's get started with a little bit about my top three favorite holidays.

1. Easter-My kids find so many ways to use those colorful plastic eggs. They make great counting and word games. Of course sometimes those eggs are filled with candy, and it encourages my little ones to get their work completed. Then they are allowed to eat it. The day is celebrated with a few Easter eggs hunts, and a family dinner. 

2. Fourth of July- I love watching the fireworks light up the sky. My youngest son, I still have to hold my hands over his ears while he cuddles real close to me and watches. He just doesn't like the noise. 

3. Christmas- Everything about Christmas makes me smile. All of it, picking out a tree, making holiday cookies, shopping, wrapping gifts and spending time with your loved ones. There is something magically about that time of the year. Its hectic and busy but putting all the time and effort into making it a special day is worth it. My daughter's birthday is on Christmas Eve. She is my own little miracle.  It makes the holiday more special. 

What are your 3 favorite holidays? Think about it as you check out this week's seasonal/holiday products. It almost feels like its a back to school giveaway. Well, let's not rush that, instead just think ahead. You will be prepared with these resources for WHEN you go back to school.

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  1. Hey Celeste,
    Thank you so much for linking up this past week! I love the Easter egg info. I, too, am an Easter fan. I'm almost an Easter egg hoarder b/c they are so useful and novel to kids!
    Thank you so much for all of your support this past month. You have no idea how much I appreciate it!!!

    Ashley L. :)