Nov 3, 2014

Its a Party! Birthday Celebration at Daisy Designs

I love birthdays! The planning, the color scheme, the theme of the party, its all so FUN. And today is a special day, say Happy Birthday to Amanda from Daisy Design! She posted cute pictures of her younger years, you can stop by here to see her favorite outfit at seven years old. Excited about her birthday she is celebrating with dollar deals and flash freebies. Yep that's right a whole week of great deals. On top of that a bunch of us TpT-ers are celebrating with her, and participating in offering more great deals. But wait there is more, you can enter below to win a prize pack filled of resources for your students. Party Time!

Guess who was I spotlighted on Sunday Spotlight? That's right it is Amanda. You can read about it here and find out which one of my products are 30% till Wednesday. Sunday Spotlight is a new linky hosted by Countless Smart Cookies. Products and teachers are spotlighted to bring you great deals and information about teachers that you can get to know. 

Expand your teacher network with Tsu. Check out this  giveaway for the blog hop Be Inspired by Teaching Strategies. You can shop with $80.00 in winner choice prizes plus eight products all totaling a value of $150.00!! There is still time to enter!

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Nov 2, 2014

Sunday Spotlight and Sunday Scoop Linkies

Sunday spotlight is a new linky by Countless Smart Cookies. You can find the images to link up by heading over there.

Here's how SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT works: 

1. Pick a product to spotlight from your TpT store. Put the products on sale for at least 24 hours. The amount in which you discount is completely up to you. Write a description in your blog post about your product(s)! If you have multiple products you'd like to spotlight, go for it! If you want the product to stay on sale for a longer time, go for that too! 

2. Pick another TPT-er to spotlight! Post a description of their store, put the link of the store/Facebook/blog/any social media site they use to your post. Encourage your readers to follow the teachers you spotlight and leave feedback! We wouldn't be the great teachers we are if we didn't collaborate, right? ;) -RIGHT! What you share with your readers is up to you and the seller!

3. Linkup below! Make sure to include the link to my blog and the linky logo so everyone can find our discounted products.

This product can be found at my Teachers Pay Teacher's Store. It is 30% off until Wednesday November 5th.  It includes addition and subtraction practice for second graders. It uses a simple layout with printing option of using place holders as a gently introduction for learning the concept of regrouping. Subtraction equations have no borrowing.

46 Worksheets of
double digits plus single digit 
double digits plus single digit with regrouping 
double digits plus double digits 
double digits plus double digits with regrouping 
subtract double digits from single digit 
subtract double digits from double digits
triple digits plus double digits with regrouping

18 worksheets with no place maker 
(same equations as those with place markers)

8 worksheets of Review of Second Grade concepts

14 Pages of answer keys

Math for Second Graders: Learning to regroup with addition and subtraction

Amanda is kindergarten teacher in Florida. She is blogs at Daisy Designs and The Teaching 2 Step. Read about Daisy Designs here, and see her adorable fur babies. One of them named Daisy. Her name inspiration for her blog name. How many teachers do you know that turned their teacher desk into a pirate ship? Awesome idea! You can find pirate products for the classroom at Amanda's Teachers Pay Teachers Store. She is celebrating a birthday tomorrow, be sure to stop by for birthday dollar deals, and freebies. Oh, and a giveaway prize pack, hosted by a bunch of fabulous TPT sellets with products that you will love. You can check it out tomorrow.

And now The Sunday Scoop with The Teaching Trio
Writing about three things I HAVE to do, two things I HOPE to do, 
and one thing I am HAPPY to do

I am off to a Birthday Party as they as my little ones are patiently waiting. And by patient I mean they are asking me every 30 seconds if I am ready yet. So I am ready now, okay ten minutes from now since I still have to pin my hair up and put on my makeup.  While I do that Have a Happy Sunday!

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