Apr 29, 2016

Summer Math Review Grade K-1

Only 6 weeks left till summer vacation. But who is counting right? I know my little ones are looking forward to go to the beach. To take with us, I have created these booklets for the upcoming 10 weeks of summer. All summer review booklets can be used Monday to Friday. They are half pages, easy, quick, review for kindergarten and first graders. I like that these booklets are cut and paste with a very little pencil work. It gives students a chance to focus on the concept without focusing on the writing/ penmanship.

Booklets can be added to your busy bags to take anywhere, the park, beaches, or eating out in restaurants. Bring scissors, glue, and crayons and work through the booklets. This is how I will be using these booklets. One way to encourage little ones to study.

Another way to use these booklets is to add them to your interactive notebook. Keeping them from getting lost and neatly organized.

If you'd prefer to not use weekly booklets, you also have the option of creating your own booklet in the order you desire. Both ways are included in this product.

Concepts you will find in this product:

Add to find the sum
Add or subtract
Subtract to find the difference
Count on
Count backwards
Numbers before and after
Add the pennies
Add the nickels
Odd or even
Find the patter
Name the number
Trace and color the number
Missing number
Missing part of an equation
True or false equations

Since its Friday, (we all love Friday right?) here is a free product sample. Try a week of math review for your little ones. You can only find this freebie at The Education Highway! 

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