Feb 24, 2015

My Teacher Hero

Favorite teachers, we all have them. Those teachers that go above and beyond for you. They know just what to do to make you want you learn. I still smile when I think of my favorite teacher. She was inspiring. Her classroom was a place where you felt comfortable and you knew everyday you were going to have this grand adventure. 

There was laughter and excitement with every group project in her third grade classroom. Her mom would bring in special treats, the best cookie ever. Book came alive when we would read them. I remember begging my mother to take trips to the book store for books I just had to have. Her name was Ms. Piasecki. 

Over the years we exchanged letters and I was happy to receive each one. On my 16th birthday she suggested that maybe I would like being a teacher. And you know what, I loved the idea. It is such a joy being able to inspire children. To watch them light up when they learn something new. It was many, many years ago since I was that age, yet the passion to teach has remained the same.

Teachers are heroes. Everyday they make a difference, they can influence young minds. We tell students they can be whoever they desire to be, they can change the world. I believe that. Even on the worst days, there is that moment when a child reaches out to you, and you just know you are where you are meant to be.

Tomorrow, Teachers Pay Teacher is having a site-wide sale. The theme of the sale is Teachers are Heroes. We don't need capes, or magic powers just a bit a of love. Ms. Piasecki says it best, "we need good teachers who love kids and want to impart their knowledge on the youth of today" Great thing about TPT is that you have so many in one place. You will find my store and many others on sale, with a savings up to 28%. 

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  1. Loved reading your post! I can only imagine how special her letters are to you. Thanks so much for linking up, Celeste!


  2. Hello Celeste! I dropped by to read your story. Aren't you glad you got that recommendation. :-) I know you enjoy time with your kiddos, and they are so lucky too. Have a great day!