Dec 25, 2014

Twas the Night Before Christmas

I went shopping last night or rather super really this morning, you have to love how some stores stay open for us last minute shoppers and I was thinking about all the blessing I have this season. It is the night before Christmas, my heart is overfilled with joy and the only place I can think of to share is here with all of you. 
Decorating the tree is always a favorite thing around here. We turn up the Christmas music and add all our collections from the past years. Here are my sweet little ones adding the last few ornaments on the tree. They are reason for being. I was meant to be their mom. 

What is your favorite Christmas song? My four year's song goes a little something like this...

Jin-gle bells, jin-gle bells,
Mer-ry Chr-is-tmas,
fa lala lala lala
To-mor-row, to-mor row,
I love you, to-mor-row

(cue in clapping folks) 

We were watching the movie Annie, so I guess he picked up a part of it. We still need some practice with our holiday songs. He is super cute when he sings it just like that probably 100 times or so a day.

It is my daughter's birthday. She turns 8 today. Eight years have passed by much to fast. She has three brothers who spoil her, play with her. I love seeing their friendship grow. She loves dressing up and painting her nails. Her newest thing is straightening her very curly hair. She loves this new look. Occasionally, I even let her wear colored lip gloss. Something so simple yet she makes such a fuss about it. In this picture with her hair straight  it is the same sweet expression from when she was a toddler. I caught myself thinking about her 8 years from today at 16. This little girl is growing up, I wish she'd stop that. (yea I guess that is not going to happen lol) Focusing on the right now.
 Happy Birthday my sweet darling girl!

This year I have had the pleasure of blogging with the wonderful ladies from The Teaching 2 Step. They are teachers who inspire a love of learning in their students. We created a blog where we share our teaching ideas, tips, share freebies, and provide information about lessons that others would love to use in their classroom. Collaborating with them has been a blessing. I am looking forward to a new year. Recently, we wrote a blog about all about our favorite thing during Christmas, we would love it for you to stop by and meet The Teaching 2 Step Gals.

It is here. My gift to you. Check your TPT inbox for the link to download this resource only available for free my TPT followers. Hope you love it. Thank you so very much, you are appreciated. Have a wonderful Christmas.

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