Dec 31, 2014

The Story Behind the Logo

I often wonder how businesses come up with their names and logo.  It is such a personal story that reflects a single moment in time. Today, Art with Jenny K has this great linky where we are sharing those moments, those stories behind the logo. Meet fabulous teachers by going behind the scenes of where it all started.

Two years ago my logo looked a lot different, I was just starting out on TPT and had my name as Mamato4liltots. I drew the image to symbolize my four little tots, three sons and one daughter. They have my heart. So this logo represents that. At that time my oldest insisted he was not a tot anymore. He was 7 that year, he was right. I racked my brain for a new name and logo.

My little ones love long car rides. They each have mini backpack where they shove everything they want to bring to entertain themselves in the car. We go through a lot of them since they overload them and they tear and break. My daughter would bring her all her art supplies if it fit in her bag. 

We are traveling on the highway and they have notebooks where they do schoolwork, draw, play those travel mini games and as we are driving it happened I realized we were The Education Highway. 

Recently, I have changed my logo to this one below. The little avatar is so me with brown hair and glasses and I love those brown boots. And turquoise is my favorite color so it works for me. It is very much a life lesson as well. I know that wherever the road leads us, we are learning. With each bump in the road we are traveling it together no matter where we go in distance. When we come to our destination we stop and enjoy the adventure. Then turn around, all roads lead home.

To join this linky stop by Jenny's post and download the template then add your blog post about your logo. Share your story behind the logo.

 photo CelesteTheEducationHighwaysignature_zps3d05a10b.png


  1. What a great story! I really enjoyed it!


  2. I love this story. You are so right that no matter what road we travel, we will learn as we go!

  3. Enjoyed your story - glad to know that someone else also changed their logos!