Oct 22, 2014

Amber Pet Alert- Free Lost Pet Flyers

Phew! Its been busy here. Monday night our puppy managed to get out of our fenced in backyard and ran off into the night without a collar. Talk about a nightmare. We searched the neighborhood into the wee hours of morning but did not find her. We quickly put together flyers and posted her picture on lots of social media networks. We had a lot of people share her picture and offer their virtual hugs during this time. Yet none of us slept, we were hoping to hear that tiny little bark outside.

This is Molly

Daylight came slowly. Our little puppy did not make it home that night. Everyone was trying to be hopeful as we continued our search. We made some more flyers, and went to door asking neighbors while other family members drove around to local businesses, others stayed home just in case she came home. Meanwhile someone had a dropped her off at the local animal shelter, where she was found. Our little puppy was found.  Everyone was over joyed. 

Molly on her way home

It was quite a scare to loose a pet. We are happy she is home safe sleeping in her poka-dot sweater. All of us a bit more cautious opening and closing the gate and doors around here, checking to see where she is. If you haven't considered micro chipping your pet you may want to consider it, I know we are. 

If you are missing a pet, here are some virtual hugs! I know how you are feeling. Below are some flyers you can use to post around your neighborhood for your lost pet. Have faith, when you spread the word of your missing pet someone will see them and it will bring them home. 

There are several different types of flyers, just add in your information and print and many as you need.

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