Sep 1, 2014

Currently September 2014

Hello September! I am looking forward to the cool weather and the leaves falling. I love everything about this month. Today I am joining Farley's monthly Currently at Oh boy 3rd grade.

This is my first Currently post. Not to rush September but I can't wait to see October Currently image. Notice the cute campers on this one, adorable right? Let's get into September Currently shall we.

Listening: I love Ashanti's music since her first single and with my life happenings, there is much I can relate to with her new album Brave Heart, her music touches my heart and it does make you want to be a little braver then you thought you could be.

Loving: I am thrilled that my son is potty trained. He is my youngest with his fourth birthday approaching in November. I am loving that I have no more babies in diapers but then again it also makes me a wee bit sad. Did I hear someone say preschool? Sniffles. My goodness they grow up so fast.

Thinking: Lots to do this week, so much in fact that I am thinking about it too much, nothing I can talk about here. Sorry for that but I can say that much of my personal world is changing and changing fast. If it crosses your mind for a moment your prayers are most appreciated, God knows why. 

Wanting: I love spending time with my kids but I can't follow their Mindcraft conversations at dinner. You can laugh it is okay. The way my oldest explained it to me, "Its a game where you have to build stuff and find stuff and find missing stuff like emeralds". Did you get that it's about finding stuff, still lost. I did join a facebook Mindcraft group for homeschoolers and still I am clueless. Yeah I am wanting to know more about Mincraft so I don't have to selfishly ban that as a dinner topic, then they can talk about Pokemon and confuse me some more. Can't win!

Needing: I need my computer to work faster. So what if I have two windows open with 12 tabs each, does not mean it should slow down. Computer issues! Why do I have all those tabs open? Working, reading, email, social media networks. I think what I really need is a computer break, or rather the computer needs a break from me. hee hee

3 Trips: Florida, my kids have never been to Disney World and it'd be such a fun trip. Paris I would love to tour and visit all the art museums. China, my kids love anything about China so they'd love to visit, maybe see a Panda in the wild, now that would be cool.

That is what I am currently doing on the first day of September. I encourage you to stop by Farley's monthly Currently at Oh boy 3rd grade. Check out lots of other bloggers who are currently in love with September. 

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  1. I am totally with you on the mindcraft thing! I don't have children myself, but the boys I babysit for are always playing it and it makes no sense to me! Enjoy your school year and good luck!


  2. I can't wait until my daughter is completely done with diapers & pull-ups, though I must also mention that I have a wee little one who has years to go! I love reading about where other people want to travel. I think Florida would be a fun trip.
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  3. Welcome to Currently!!

    Definitely take the kids to Disney World! My daughter took the trip many times! I don't get the Minecraft thing either!

    Sally from Elementary Matters