Aug 21, 2016

First Grade Math Bundle

Summer is coming to an end, and its almost time to start our lessons again. I have been putting together math cut and glue workbooks that go with a math interactive notebook for first graders. I have to say I love them. They are perfect for morning routines that can be done independently. Or use the interactive notebook as warm up for starting new lessons and the worksheets for homework or as an assessment. They would also would be ideal for students who are in a tutoring class.

Each page in the workbook has a single concept. Above you see a worksheet with twelve frames. It asks students to add within 12 and to use two colors to show the addends. Then to solve the equation by cutting and gluing the sum.

The matching interactive notebook page begins with an I can statement single flap that has a cut and glue tear answers. These are the student warm ups. It says I can add within 12. Students should complete the warm up as a group or in pairs. The bottom part is to be completed independently. Students can color images if desired and if there is time available for it.

Count, glue, and write worksheets asks students to count the amount shown, glue the amount, and to write it. Plenty of space for students to write and spell the numbers if you choose to do so. Also to point out each worksheets in these workbooks also asks students to circle what day the week it is. I include it because by the end of the week our papers are not always in order. I want them to be able to study from them and to keep their papers in order. They are able to match them by date and days of the week.  

You will see included two additional warm up flip flaps. Students can layer these as shown above in the I can count, glue, and write interactive notebook. 

Counting within 100, students are asked to count on from the given number. They will cut and glue the next three numbers. These pages look great on colored paper. Although white copy paper is ideal for students for enjoy coloring on their worksheets. It depends on your paper preference. Let's face it I know you have at least one giant stack somewhere! Yes, me too. Who doesn't love a paper sale?

I sometime pre-glue my students interactive notebooks as shown in the I can count on interactive notebook entry. It depends on the time we going to have that day. When I do that, I do not glue the whole piece to the notebook. I glue about 75 percent of it. I leave enough room for my students to cut off the answer parts. Then they glue the rest of it to the page. 

When you see your interactive notebook before you assemble it as shown above in image I can write the number that comes next there are four mini tabs. I didn't like all that wasted space that was there so I added them, and they perfect to use as spiral review, assessments, group work, and centers. There is little paper waste with this product, ideal for early learners, and less mess.

Collect all the mini flip flaps and add them to the notebook. You can also mix and match using the warm ups and mini flip flaps. Or use the four on a single page opposite of the interactive notebook entry. 

Use the additional flip flaps (warm ups) as review, assessment or homework. Collect them all and mix them up or include them with the mini flip flaps.

Read then cut and glue the number.

Using a number line within 100.

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