Aug 22, 2016

Back-to-Homeschool Tip

Today on Instagram you can find homeschool tips and tricks from homeschool moms. Start by checking out @eduhighway on Instagram to see my post and hop to other homeschool mom's on Instagram to see their tips. To do this you have to either click on the image and you will see the next person's name show on the image. Click it to "hop" to the next person. Or you will see the person's name mentioned in the description. Follow these lovely mom's to see how they are teaching their little ones this year and other tips and tricks you may love.

My back-to-homeschool tip is to check you local zoos, museums, and aquariums for FREE admission days. It is also great to check for days where kids eat free. Save money and spend more family time with your little ones. No one said spending time with your family has to be expensive. Step away from the television, tablets, and video games and enjoy being out on an adventure. 

Our family went to the Bronx Zoo recently we spent all day seeing the bird exhibits. It took us all day, we plan on going back to see other parts of the zoo soon. My daughter loves birds so we started here, she was in awe over them. My sons looked forward to seeing the tigers but they weren't around to all our disappointment. 

After we left we had a picnic dinner at a local park in NYC. Pack a cooler in your vehicle folks, kids are always thirty and looking for snack, so they might as well be healthy ones! A picnic dinner is always fun.

We timed it perfectly where we were able to take a walk after dinner and watch the sun set. Simply perfect day!

Last thing, I wanted to share some of my  zoo animal fact sheets. You can use with your students during a field trip or for animal research. You can download them for FREE. I ask that you do not share this product with other educators but I encourage you to share the link to this blog post instead. I appreciate it and stay tuned for more free resources as we dive into this new homeschool year.

If you have any great tips for homeschoolers please leave them in the comments or head over to my Instagram and leave them there. I love hearing about tips and ideas from other homeschoolers, every family does things differently and its wonderful to learn new things. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

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