Sep 9, 2015

School Time Reading Fluency Passages

Today I wanted to chat a little about reading fluency and how we are working it into our lessons. Fluency means that students can read as well as they speak. When we talk about fluent readers we are talking about readers who do not need to think about reading, they simply just read. It comes naturally. When student reread passages they get more from what they are reading within the passage. They may read it faster, they may find a detail they missed, or they may connect more with the characters. Students will grow to love reading as they see themselves as readers.

This product has reading passages for back to school. It has passages that relate to the classroom. They have five to eight sentences per passage. If each passage is used for weekly reading fluency, that is six weeks worth of reading practice for students in grades 1 to 3. 

Reading Fluency Passage Title List

Time for School
Time to Play
Classroom Leader
Counting is Fun
Classroom Pet
Who Will Help?

School Time Reading Passages

There are three ways to use these passages. Print the passage, read as a group. Ask students to highlight, underline and circle answers to questions to prove their evidence for their answers. It then asks more questions in an ab or abc format with one writing question. The second reading passage option includes a word count, space to illustrate the passage and record words read. The third reading passage option is using an interactive notebook. Each passage will fill up two pages. To try this product, download Counting is Fun reading fluency passage for free. 

Try this Product with a Freebie Sampler
--word cards not included in freebie--

School Time Reading Fluency Interactive Notebook
Interactive Notebook option for passages includes the reading passage with word count, recording space for teachers/parents, build a word tabs and passage questions. The images can be colored if desired.

School Time Reading Fluency ABC Order
Word work includes ABC order task cards. Students can record their responses three ways. They can write them in on worksheets that include the words on the task cards (eliminating the need for the task cards). Students can use task cards and record their responses with two pages of recording worksheets. The third way is an ABC order cut and paste center. It use half sheets of paper and includes all 16 task cards. 

School Time Reading Fluency Name the Picture
Another word work activity includes, "Name the Picture" A few ways to use this for centers. Students can name the picture on a worksheet by writing it, or pasting word tiles. Use word tiles (with different fonts) to create columns. My little one is so thrown off when fonts look differently. For example when the letter is missing the line next to it he assumes it is a different letter. We are seeing the same word in different fonts helps him visually. You can print two sets of the word cards and play concentration. Last option, are naming the picture in a sentence. Read the sentence and pick the word (by using cloth pins) that the image shows.

Also included are word to know cards for the passages, word work worksheets,and images of how to use I used the product with my little ones. To see School Time Reading Fluency you can visit my Teacher's Pay Teacher's store.

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