Mar 1, 2015

Sunday Scoop 3/1/15

Sharing a little bit about my week by linking up to The Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop. For this linky we are listing three things you HAVE to do, two things you HOPE to do, and one thing you're HAPPY to do.

Here is my Sunday Scoop..

3 Things I have to do
We are keeping it simple for National Reading week by reading our favorite Dr Seuss books. I will be pulling our Dr. Seuss collection off the shelf for this week. To go along with the book, I just scooped up some adorable reading kids clip art  by Ta-Da Doodles Illustrations. I have been busy creating a unit for us to use that go along with the books we are reading. Lots of cutting and laminating going on today and probably tomorrow. Yes, I still have two March units I am so close to finishing. My youngest was sick for three days and stuck me like GLUE. He is back to usually self fighting over the Wii remotes with his siblings. And Viola, things are back to normal.

2 Things I hope to do

I received the book Tumbleweeds by Leila Meacham for Christmas. I have yet to start reading it. I am hoping to start to read it this week. My little ones have managed to download 56 new apps since the last time I checked. Time to un-install and block their access to that feature. It fills up the memory quick.

1 Thing I'm happy to do

Relax and catch up with Netflix after my little ones are tucked into bed. I am into season 4 of Drop Dead Diva. I think there are 6 seasons currently on Netflix. I am hooked. While I am cozy on the couch with my blanket and cup of tea I usually am working on TPT stuff on my laptop, it makes me happy to be able to work when the house is quiet.

Bonus News 

This milestone giveaway is still going on at An Apple for the Teacher, three days lefts to enter to win three fabulous prizes pack, each with $25 in Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards. It is an event to not be missed. 

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